Growing Marijuana with Indoor LED’s

Serious marijuana growers know the value of having the best LEDs lights for their grow tents (light bulbs – The thing is, your plant needs different light spectrum at various stages of growth and which can be achieved with the right LEDs.

In the wild, marijuana is just a weed meaning that it can grow successfully in various climates around the world. Therefore, a beginner can successfully start a cannabis garden depending on how hardy the strain is that they pick.

Still, this does not diminish the importance of grow lights in achieving quality buds.

Why Switch to LEDs?

Technology advancements have disseminated to every area of our lives, and they are now in gardening. Using LEDs has its benefits, and it’s not looking hip – your friends may be impressed, but that’s not it. So, which are these benefits?

  • When talking about energy efficiency, then LEDs are it. They save you 50-60% on energy which is quite something.
  • Cannabis growers need stealth and LEDs are pros in that aspect. Precisely, the grow lights diminish your grow footprint significantly that your electricity provider or landlord will not have the slightest idea that you are growing some pot – a good thing!
  • These lights give a full spectrum and are suitable for all the growth stages of your marijuana – no hassle of changing bulbs frequently.
  • LEDs are associated with reduced heat – up to 80%. This makes climate control and ventilation pretty more comfortable for you.
  • They can also have UV light which keeps away fungus, mold, and pests – how easy can that be?

Some Free Tips on using indoor LEDs on Marijuana Plants

  • One significant difference between the LEDs and other varieties is that they are not standardized. But is this supposed to mean something? Yes! It says that the ideal distance between your precious plant and the LED varies depending on the kind of light you choose.

So what to do?

Make sure to browse the manufacturer’s instructions on the ideal distance between the particular LED and the plant.

But all in all, the smaller 1W-chip LED should be at least a foot away and those more than 3W, at least a foot and half away. Otherwise, you may end up with light-burn plants – obviously not what you want.

If you notice some burn-like appearance on the top part of your marijuana, then it’s time you moved your LEDs a bit further – no need to worry, they can recover.

  • LEDs help achieve an ideal light output for optimal growth. By calculating and employing several units allows overlapping, thereby maximizing light exposure throughout the canopy. This translates to better and high-quality yields.

However, you may need to request a light plan from a professional before going ahead with the installation.

  • With LEDs and grow tents, it is quite possible to influence the light cycles to achieve the desired yield. So what does that mean?

It means that you can add or reduce to the length of light or darkness by using supplemental lighting and blackout curtains. The additional lighting fills the void left by dark winter months ensuring plants get adequate light to thrive. Blackout curtains block the excessive light from summer months so that plants get the necessary dark periods.

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